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A new group of students going to Japan

A new group of students has been selected to represent Castlegar in Embetsu, our sister city, for 2018.

From the left: Yuta Covington, Elliot Ford, Quin Tanner, Ariana Lavorato, Brianne Kellendonk, Chloe Tesoriere , Reid Quantanilha and Paige Holmes.



Members from the Japanese Consulate in Vancouver,Consul General Asako Okai and Mr. Nakatsugawa came to Castlegar for a visit as part of her tour of sister cities in B.C.

While in Castlegar they met with the high school students who went to Embetsu this past July. They heard of the experiences the young ambassadors had. They also met Mayor Chernoff and the members of the Castlegar/Embetsu committee.


ambassadors-at-council-hall ambassadors-with-mayor consul-with-mayor embetsu-committee-and-guests japan-consul1

Photos provided by Consul Nakatsugawa.